Training the Military Way: The Deck of Cards Workout at GRiT Military Gym

In situations where equipment or structured routines are unavailable, the military often turns to innovative methods like the Deck of Cards workout.

How It Works:

– Each card suit denotes a specific exercise.
– Hearts: Push-ups
– Diamonds: Sit-ups
– Clubs: Squats
– Spades: Burpees
– Card numbers dictate reps.

For face cards and Aces, think 11, 12, 13, and 15 reps.

Why Try It?

1. *Versatility*: Perfect for any setting.
2. *Dynamic*: Each session is unique.
3. *Comprehensive*: Engages various muscle groups.
4. *Customisable*: Tailor the exercises to your fitness goals.

GRiT’s Takeaway:

No gym? No problem! The Deck of Cards workout demonstrates the military’s resourcefulness in training. At GRiT Military Gym, we champion such adaptable training methods.

Challenge yourself with a deck and experience a truly diverse workout.