The Military’s Go-To Move: Why Burpees Rule

If there’s one exercise the military swears by, it’s the burpee. Loved for its effectiveness and loathed for its difficulty, the burpee is a full-body workout that’s a staple in military fitness regimes. Let’s explore why this exercise is the military’s go-to move.

All-in-One Workout

The burpee is a multi-tasker’s dream. It combines a squat, push-up, and jump, targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously. It’s no wonder the military, which values efficiency, loves this all-in-one workout.

Functional and Relevant

Burpees mimic real-life military movements like sprinting, jumping, and lifting. This functional fitness aspect makes them an excellent training tool to prepare soldiers for real battlefield conditions.

Equipment-Free Exercise

The simplicity of the burpee shines in diverse training settings. It requires no special equipment, only body weight, making it perfect for workouts anywhere, anytime – an ideal fit for military personnel.

Endurance Builder

Performed in high repetitions, burpees elevate the heart rate quickly, offering intense cardiovascular training and building stamina. In the military, where sustained physical effort is required, endurance is key, making burpees an obvious choice.

Mental Resilience Trainer

Pushing through a tough set of burpees requires determination and mental toughness, skills equally as important as physical strength in the military. Burpees, in this regard, train the body and the mind.


Burpees can be modified for beginners or intensified for advanced individuals. Their scalability makes them versatile for various fitness levels, a significant advantage in the diverse fitness landscape of the military.

In conclusion, the military’s love for burpees stems from their efficiency, functionality, and versatility. They are an exceptional tool for building physical strength and mental resilience, making them a favoured exercise in the rigorous training regime of the military. Embrace the burpee, and reap its rewards!