Military slang – the language of GRiT

  1. PT: Physical Training. This term refers to physical exercise and fitness workouts.
  2. Reps: Short for repetitions. This refers to the number of times an exercise is performed.
  3. Sets: A group or cycle of repetitions for a particular exercise.
  4. Tabbing: A term often used in the British Army to refer to a forced march with a heavy backpack.
  5. Beasting: Slang for intense, gruelling training or physical punishment.
  6. Hard Yakka: Slang term derived from the Australian Aboriginal word ‘Yaga’ meaning ‘work’. Used to denote a task requiring a lot of effort or hard work.
  7. Squaddie: A term for a lower-ranking soldier, could be used here to refer to a gym member.
  8. Scran: Food. This term might be used in discussions around nutrition.
  9. Dhobi: Washing or laundry. It might be used in relation to gym kit.
  10. Blighty: An old term for Britain, often used by soldiers stationed overseas.
  11. Chinstrap: A term for a chat or a long conversation, as in “We had a real chinstrap after the workout.”
  12. Gash: Refers to something that is surplus to requirements or not needed.
  13. Gen: Information or intelligence, short for “genuine”. For instance, “What’s the gen on tomorrow’s workout?”
  14. Gopping: Something unpleasant or disgusting. “That workout was gopping!”
  15. Guucci: A term used to describe high-quality gear or equipment. “That’s some guucci kit you’ve got there!”
  16. Oggin: Sea or water. This term might be used in discussions around hydration.
  17. Ally: Something, or someone, looking sharp or tactically sound. “That’s an ally bit of gear you’ve got there.”
  18. Brew: A cup of tea or coffee. “After that workout, I could do with a brew.”