Can You Out Train a Bad Diet? Insights from GRiT Military Gym

The age-old debate continues: can you truly out train a bad diet? At GRiT Military Gym, we’ve observed a curious phenomenon. Many soldiers, despite not always adhering to the most balanced diets, showcase ripped physiques that many gym-goers yearn for. So, what’s the secret?

The Soldier’s Diet vs. Civilian Diet

First, let’s delve into the average soldier’s diet. Due to the nature of their jobs, soldiers often find themselves in environments where access to fresh, balanced meals is limited. As a result, they might consume more processed foods, sugary snacks, or quick, energy-dense meals. Contrast this with the typical health-conscious civilian, who might prioritize whole foods, protein shakes, and meal planning.

Physical Demands of Military Life

The most distinguishing factor for soldiers is their daily activity level. From grueling physical training sessions to long marches with heavy gear, the physical demands placed upon soldiers are immense. This means they’re burning an incredible number of calories, which can compensate for less-than-ideal dietary choices.

The Metabolic Factor

There’s also a metabolic component to consider. High-intensity physical activities, like those experienced in military training, can elevate one’s metabolism for hours post-exercise. This means soldiers continue burning calories at an elevated rate even after their training has concluded.

So, Can You Out Train a Bad Diet?

Technically, if your caloric burn exceeds your intake, you will lose weight, regardless of the quality of food consumed. But there’s a caveat. Relying solely on exercise to offset a poor diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies, reduced immune function, and increased risk for chronic diseases.

Moreover, while soldiers might appear ripped due to their intense physical routines, their internal health metrics, such as cholesterol levels, might not reflect the same picture of health.


While many soldiers maintain impressive physiques despite inconsistent dietary habits, it’s essential to remember that outward appearances don’t always represent internal health. At GRiT Military Gym, we advocate for a balanced approach, emphasizing both nutrition and training. After all, our bodies deserve the best, whether we’re on the battlefield or pursuing our personal fitness journeys.