Welcome to GRiT Military Gym

Tucked away in the heart of Yorkshire is a place where sweat, strength, and camaraderie meld together to form an indomitable spirit – welcome to GRiT Military Gym. Founded by Chris and Carrie Flynnt, GRiT is not just a gym; it’s a community dedicated to transforming lives through fitness.

More than a place to lift weights, GRiT embodies an ethos of dedication, determination, desire, and discipline. Our name isn’t just a title; it’s an attitude, a commitment to pushing past boundaries, to reaching goals, to overcoming challenges both inside and outside the gym.

At GRiT, we’ve taken the rigour and discipline of military-style training and blended it with a nurturing and supportive environment. Our workouts are challenging and high-octane, influenced by Chris Flynnt’s experience as an elite reconnaissance soldier in the Yorkshire Regiment.

Simultaneously, Carrie Flynnt brings a unique touch to GRiT, providing a nurturing presence and a wealth of knowledge from her diverse background as a midwife, teacher, healer, and personal trainer.

Our members are more than just gym-goers; they are a band of brothers and sisters, civilians and veterans alike, hailing from all walks of life and every corner of the globe through our online training membership. Together, we motivate each other, challenge each other, and celebrate each other’s victories.

So, whether you’re looking to kickstart your fitness journey, train like a soldier, or find a supportive community, GRiT Military Gym has something for you. Join us and experience a gym where you can not only build strength and endurance but also resilience and camaraderie. At GRiT Military Gym, we’re more than a fitness centre; we’re a family, ready to help you unlock your potential.

Introducing Chris and Carrie

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At the heart of GRiT Military Gym is a figure who embodies its ethos of dedication, determination, desire, and discipline – co-owner Chris Flynnt. His story is not just about fitness, but also about an inspiring journey from being a reconnaissance soldier in the Duke of Wellington Regiment and the Yorkshire Regiment, to a driving force in the fitness world.

Chris’s roots dig deep into the heart of the military. As a former reconnaissance soldier, he honed his mental agility and physical endurance amidst challenging terrains and high-pressure situations. This unique experience has forged a resilient character and an indomitable spirit that permeates every aspect of his work at GRiT Military Gym.

His transition from the field to the gym was not a departure from his military roots, but an evolution. Chris brings the rigour of military discipline and the robustness of army-style workouts to his approach at GRiT, infusing every workout with a taste of the resilience and tenacity he learned as a soldier.

His commitment goes beyond physical strength. Drawing on his military experience, Chris acknowledges the vital role of mental toughness in any challenge, be it on the battlefield or in daily life. This belief is mirrored in GRiT’s workouts designed to push both physical and mental boundaries.

Chris isn’t just the co-owner of GRiT. He’s a mentor, an ally, a motivator who champions each member’s fitness journey. His leadership style is a blend of military discipline and warm community spirit, creating an environment that pushes limits while ensuring everyone feels welcome.

Whether you’re a fitness novice or a seasoned gym-goer, Chris Flynnt stands ready to guide and inspire you. His journey from an elite reconnaissance soldier to a fitness mentor reflects the spirit of GRiT Military Gym – a testament to the idea that with determination, discipline, desire, and dedication, anyone can conquer their fitness goals.


In the robust and pulsating world of GRiT Military Gym, one figure stands as a beacon of nurturing strength and relentless determination – co-owner, Carrie Flynnt. Her journey from midwife, teacher, and healer to an instrumental figure in the world of fitness is as inspirational as the woman herself.

Carrie has worn many hats throughout her professional life, each contributing to the diverse skills and wisdom she brings to GRiT Military Gym. As a midwife and teacher, she’s been a guide and supporter to many, honing her knack for connecting with people on a deep, personal level. Her work as a healer has instilled in her a holistic view of health, appreciating the inextricable link between mind, body, and soul.

Her expertise as an educator and later a personal trainer has been sharpened through her unique experience with the Ministry of Defence. Here, she played a vital role in preparing active soldiers for their transition to civilian life, a testament to her knack for helping others navigate significant life changes.

At GRiT Military Gym, Carrie has woven these threads of her past into a unique tapestry of support and guidance. She’s the woman behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth running of the gym, and behind the man, her co-owner and husband, Chris Flynnt. But more than just the logistical backbone of the gym, Carrie is its heart.

She’s the one members turn to, the listener, the encourager, the voice of gentle motivation amidst the echoes of intense workouts. She’s the nurturer of the GRiT community, her warmth and positivity radiating through the gym, making members feel seen, heard, and valued.

Carrie Flynnt is more than a co-owner of GRiT Military Gym; she’s the guiding light, the nurturing spirit that fosters an atmosphere of growth, inclusivity, and resilience. With her diverse background and her unwavering dedication, Carrie embodies the heart and soul of GRiT Military Gym, ready to guide you on your fitness journey.